As we patiently wait for spring come, try to not let the cold bother you. The reality of winter may chill your bones, but the shortest month of the year shouldn’t feel long. Valentine’s Day for all the lovers, reading week for the students, family fun on Family Day and for those who are looking to escape somewhere with an ocean view, you really don’t need to go far…

Glynt Productions & ONYX Collective are bringing the ocean into the city. Put on your captain’s hat and come aboard. Join our cities influencers, young socialites, entrepreneurs and business professionals as they sail through the evening at Calgary’s Winter Event, Frozen Ocean.

On February 26th a sea of people will fill the room at Gerry Thomas Art Gallery in hints of blue, turquoise, green and sapphire. Let go of your every day winter wardrobe and don’t hold back wearing that beautiful cocktail dress or tailored suit. All the colours of the ocean will be revealed on each guest at this formal, sea themed event.

The only thing that’s expected to be chilled and frozen throughout the night will be your drinks and the custom-built ice lunge on the patio of the event venue. You’ll find a fully stocked bar of Flor de Caña rum, an award-winning rum from Nicaragua and Frozen Ocean’s proud sponsor, will keep this evening at sea-level feeling smooth.

Use your drink tickets to order singles or by group size. By pooling tickets your group will receive drinks in the most unique serving vessels, like a treasure chest or a seashell. If you get hungry, one of Calgary’s award winning chefs will be serving winter-inspired treats, so gather your crew and get ready to set off to sea.

Step out of hibernation to beat this year’s cabin fever, we need everyone on deck at Frozen Ocean.

For more details on Frozen Ocean and ticket information, click here.


By Cassandra Granata






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