Planning events can be really stressful. Getting the right people involved can seem like it takes an eternity and the thought of not selling out to make your money back is terrifying. All the negatives aside, we love what we do and here is why!

1. The Hustle and Bustle – Finding the best bang for your buck is thrilling when you know you have called and talked to numerous vendors to negotiate the best price. Bottom line, we event pros are on a budget and we need to utilize money the best way we can for the client.

2. Sponsorship- Through my experience of event planning finding sponsorship is the hardest part. Especially if the event you’re planning is the very first one. You really need to sell your ideas and convince the company why it’s a good idea to participate. This comes down to basic sales skills; something I lacked in my first years of event planning. The key is to believe in your event and be passionate about it. If you’re excited about, it’s hard for others not to get excited as well.

3. Participants- Planning any event you will soon find that there are a lot of elements involved. For example, we are planning an event called Barrel Night which involves barrelled aged cocktails, untraditionally designed Christmas Trees and a local charity. To have barrelled aged cocktails, we needed to get a liquor sponsor, or at least find someone who would give us alcohol at cost. Then we needed to find interior designers who were interested in decorating a Christmas Tree (during the busiest time of the year). We also had to find a charity that wanted to be apart of our super cool event (but that part was easiest because charities never turn down money). Anyways, the point here is never give up and be persistent, you will be surprised how many other people will want to be involved once you make some leeway.

4. The Team- Having a good team is crucial. We love our amazing and very creative design team that handles all our marketing, promotion and digital media and we can’t forget about our staff that handles all the day to day operations of managing event. They truly are the best and we at Glynt are very lucky!

What we love most about the job is how everyone involved comes together to make the event the best it can be. You become closer with these people and build strong relationships in the industry that will last because you go through the good, the bad and the really ugly!

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