Individualism is a big thing this year, couples are wanting to showcase their personalities through small little touches that accent who they are. Here is a list of the top 7 wedding trends for 2015.

1. Rustic meets Chic– this stunning trend brings together masculine pieces accented with beautiful soft feminine touches. We have seen things like bourbon stations, drinks served in copper mugs, old mid-evil candlesticks accented with beautiful flowers and even tree stumps made for seating your guests.

2. Green with Envy– Brides this year cannot get enough greenery. Herbs like rosemary, mint, lemon leaf and ivy are being used in interesting ways such as rosemary served in cocktails, Ivy hanging from chandeliers and mint leaves coupled with flowers for table runners.

3. Shared Options– Nothing makes your guest interact more than passing around a shared plate of food. This year family style dining is becoming increasingly more popular. This gives your guests options and allows them to splurge their pallets in a variety of different flavors. Definitely beats the standard chicken or beef options your guests had to choose when RSVP’ing.

4. Drink up– Bourbon Stations, Wine pairing, sangria, lemonade or fizzy soda bar. Drink stations are a huge hit with guests this year. Instead of the boring old wine or beer options couples are getting creative and really showcasing their favorite drinks through different bar stations. It’s a great added touch that benefits all the guest. The bourbon stations aimed towards the men, sangria and cocktail stations for the woman and fizzy soda bars for those guests that don’t drink or the little wee ones attending the party.

5. Drones and GoPros?- Couples this year are filming their weddings through GoPros and using drones to capture aerial shots of the ceremony. This is by far one of the coolest trends because the GoPro’s allow couples to capture the most intimate moments of the ceremony and the drones allow photographers to capture some pretty awesome shots of the venue, ceremony and after party; no more climbing on ladders or standing on tables to get the perfect shot.

6. Unexpected Wedding Venues– Couples have been looking at more unexpected places for the venue like castles, private estates, art galleries, museums or even caves. With just a few added touches, couples are letting the venue speak for itself. It might be a little difficult for the guest to get too but totally worth it for some of the most spectacular views and interesting places ever seen.

7. Gowns Galore– Brides this year are choosing not one but three different dresses. Starting off with the big ball gown for the ceremony, a beautiful lace strapless gown for the dinner then a short cut off feathery flock for the after party.

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