Recently the Glynt team had the pleasure of travelling to Berlin for an event conference about how to manage events with new technologies that are coming out. The conference itself was amazing, we learned so much about how to stay ahead of the game, made some great connections and overall had a great experience. I don’t know about you but when I travel I like to experience the city through local eyes and this can sometimes be tricky when you don’t know anyone. I decided to share my tips with you on how I managed to get the most out of my trip.

1. Look for an Airbnb whose host will be there.

Of course you can rent out an entire place to yourself but then you wouldn’t get to know the host your staying with and there are some major advantages of doing so. For instance, we stayed at a place that had 3 room mates living there who turned out to be wonderful. They told us where to go for the best coffee, how to take public transit to check out all the cool tourist spots and even took us out to some popular local bars.

2. Check out Couchsurfing

You’re probably familiar with Couchsurfing, the home-stay program that lets travellers sleep on local couches free of charge. Obviously it’s a bit less comfortable than other places because you usually don’t have your own bed, but the main point is that it allows you to stay, eat and explore with locals.

If you are really interested in spending a lot of time with your host make sure you let them know up front that this is what you are looking for. While most Couchsurfing hosts love to get to know their guest, some prefer to keep to themselves. If you are uncomfortable staying on a strangers couch you can also use Couchsurfing to plan meet-ups with locals.

3. Tinder is not for just for hooking up

We know that most people recognize Tinder as the global hook-up app but it is a great tool to use to meet locals. As an example, I used the Tinder app in Germany to meet a local for drinks. I was honest with the person before hand by letting them know exactly what I was looking for and most of the time I find the other person is looking for the same thing. I met up with a local named Nils and he the introduced me to two of his other friends Felecia and Matias who turned out to be very kind, fun and interesting people. We went to a cocktail bar that had the most amzing drinks, we talked about their upcoming trip to Bangkok for work (one thing I learned about Berliners is that most are freelancers and can work remotely from pretty much anywhere). They told me about a local hot spot Berghain which is a world famous gay club that when visiting you must check out. They gave me tips on how to get in and even arranged for a group of us to go together.

Use one or all three of these tips and with out a doubt I am confident that you will meet wonderful locals, see the most amazing things the city has to offer and even make some great friends by doing so.

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