Thinking of planning a dinner party, lounge night with friends or a cocktail party? This year “Themes” are all the rage. Yes, we are bringing back themed parties, because who doesn’t like to get dressed up, eat delicious food and sip on succulent cocktails. If you are unsure on where to start, what type of theme to choose, we have provided you with some options.

Ethnic food is becoming increasingly more popular for dinner parties. If you’re feeling like Chinese food you could decorate the tables with big bowls of fortune cookies and paper lanterns; figurines of elephants and banana leaf placements for a Thai themed party or table runners made of olive branches laid across the table for an Italian inspired theme.

Everyone has a favorite movie, book or play. So why not plan a dinner around yours? Choosing a movie like “The Hundred-Foot Journey” or “Eat Pray Love” that have a strong food component are always good choices. But even if your favorite book series is “Harry Potter” that’s OK too. In fact that could make the party more fun by making foods like pumpkin juice, butter beer or cauldron cakes. Still other movie/book or play themes – “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” for example—could center more on the decorations and ambiance than the actual food being served. With Blake Edwards playing in the background and classic cocktails served upon guest arrival, you’ll be all set.

Another great idea for a theme would be a spin on the traditional potluck. Instead of everyone bringing their own random dishes you can choose a theme like “breakfast for dinner” or “Crockpot foods” maybe even “Pick a country”. This way, the guests attending your party can get creative and have some fun with creating some interesting and hopefully delicious foods.

Whichever theme you choose to plan your party around just remember to have fun with it. Do some research, look up some yummy recipes and get inspired through the places you may have travelled or the places you have always wanted to visit. Have a favorite book or movie? Great, pull ideas from your favorite scenes and start letting your imagination take over. Remember, at the end of the day all that matters is the memories you create with the wonderful people you have around you.

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