Whether you’re planning a charity event, networking cocktail hour, reception or conference, getting the word out can be challenging. In order to get the word out event planners need to target their audiences through a variety of media.

Events are changing and are no longer the two-to-three day project. Instead, planning an event is about creating a community around the event before it even happens. It’s hard for planners to keep up with the community because they spend their time focusing on the small details that go into making each event successful. Planners will turn to technology to manage these communities. In general, new technological developments such as EventInterface will help planners plan better, be more creative and engage the attendees more. EventInterface is an example of a tool that allows planners to manage all aspects of the event planning process; from the registration process to the management of the event community all while increasing efficiencies and mitigating overall technology spend.

Building relationships with local businesses is becoming increasingly important. By Teaming up with small local businesses such as retail shops, coffee chops, boutique furniture shops and restaurants gives them the opportunity to donate to the event, sponsor the event or even participate as vendors or suppliers. Other businesses such as non-profits could also be interested in co-sponsoring the event.

Use social media channels to promote your event, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram that can be vital tools in getting the word out. You can use your personal social media network or work with an event planning company to take care of everything from creating new social media accounts, distributing and managing email invites to selling tickets.

Don’t forget about traditional media if your target audience skews older. We know digital promotion is all the rage, but consider traditional media like newspapers, local magazines, flyers and college publications. Local Radio stations are also great options for event promotion.

Last but certainly not least; never discredit the power of word-of-mouth. Ask yourself this. Are you likely to try out a new restuarant if you hear from a friend or colleage that it was amazing, or reading a Yelp review? Most likely you will take your friends word for it and try out the new restuarant. Same goes for planning an event. Start by talking about your event with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances; tell them about the trendy venue space you booked or the delicious food being catered and encourage your friends and colleagues to spread the word.

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