Let’s get technical! Incorporating tech into your day to day business is more important, useful, and accessible than ever before. Tech companies are popping up all over the globe providing niche services. From Airbnb to Uber, tech is changing the way we play.  So what about the way we work? With the proliferation of new tech companies, many facets of our work lives are easier and more streamlined.

A new trend in niche tech services are venue search platforms for event planners. These sites and apps take the legwork out of finding the perfect spot to host your next event. It’s easy to find locations that can accommodate the needs of your clients, within your budget, and to suit your unique style. Need a venue that can accommodate 250 cocktail drinkers and 8 fire breathing performers? Looking to host a boutique wedding reception for a party of 35? Do you have a business contact that is looking to grow their venue’s business and increase bookings? These platforms can benefit planners and business owners alike, and grow your network for your next event.

New venue search platforms are being established across the UK, the United States, and here in Canada. Venue Vortex is a venue service that puts event planners in contact with venue reps. Event planners can search venues by price, locale, or amenity. While this particular service represents venues in Ontario and Quebec, the founders welcome adding cities to their repertoire. For Calgary venues, Cvent offers venue search services, marketing, data analytics, and other services to ensure you’re getting the best return on event. Even Tourism Calgary has a venue platform for meetings and conferences. Many venue search platforms will research and get quotes for you as well.

While old school networking and building business contacts can’t be replaced by flashy platforms, event planners can put them to work to save time and cost when looking for a new venue. Stay tuned to the blog to hear about what’s new and trendy in event planning.

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By Kailey Lewis 

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