Sustainable Event Planning in YYC  

Why is sustainability important? The word has been thrown around a lot lately, garnering buzzword status. As being sustainable becomes more and more ubiquitous with doing business, here are some reasons to get on the bandwagon.

Sustainability is a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. Concerned Calgarians value sustainability in their communities. To keep sustainability in mind while planning an amazing event can be challenging, especially since successful events often have a large footprint. There are a number of reasons why committing to sustainable event planning is important, the main one being it is better for the environment. Reducing the waste produced by our parties, and buying from local businesses are easy ways to be more environmentally friendly. Sustainability is also a great way to build partnerships with local businesses. There are loads of local businesses that are focused on sustainability and growing the local economy that are looking to partner with you in sustainable event planning.

There are so many ways to be sustainable, where do we even start? Green Calgary is producing an “Event Greening” guide that will be released this year that promises to be a helpful tool for sustainable event planning. The environmental organisation has also held workshops for tips on event greening. There are a number of local businesses that make sustainable event planning easier. YYC Growers and Distributors is a collection of urban farmers that supplies locally grown produce to businesses. Local farming is a great way to reduce environmental impact. Other local businesses specialise is waste removal; Green Events Calgary is one such business that facilitates sustainable event planning.

There’s a number of benefits to greening your next event, mainly, it’s good for business. Public perception of your brand can be positively influenced by going green. Being resourceful and sustainable is an easy way to give off a positive, future focused feel to your brand! You’re also in good company. The Calgary Folk Music Festival’s greening efforts are renown.

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by Kailey Lewis

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