Four St. Patrick’s Day Party Trends

Are you looking for something new to offer St. Patrick’s Day party revelers? Skip the green beer and shamrock décor ideas this year. For a memorable event, try these ideas that combine traditional Irish faire with contemporary cocktails and upscale décor ideas. Try these four great St. Patrick’s Day party ideas.

4. Stylish Décor

Forget shamrocks and blarney stones, step up your decorating style with white calla lily centre pieces. The flowers represent beauty in Irish lore. Irish bells are another traditional décor piece and bring good luck. Instead of overdosing on green, try incorporating gold into your designs for a more sophisticated St. Patrick’s Day party.

3. Irish Faire

Planning a St. Patrick’s Day party menu doesn’t have to be all green beer and Guinness stew. For a sophisticated twist on your menu, try a having a stout pairing with seafood or game meat. Traditional Irish dishes like colcannon or salmon and potato cakes are culinary winners. Instead of dying draft, try serving your guests Guinness Floats or an Irish Whip.

2. Celtic Vibes

Live music is a big part of entertaining in Ireland. Think about bringing in a Celtic band or have fiddlers play your event. Harp players can be hard to come by but are a sophisticated addition to an upscale St. Patrick’s Day Party.

1. Plan a Pub Crawl!

Of course getting creative with your St. Patrick’s Day party is a great way to keep things fresh, but sometimes planning a good old fashioned night of revelry is on the menu. Hosting a pub crawl is a great way to expose your brand to potential clients, forge partnerships with local businesses, and create a memorable experience for your guests!

Let us know what ideas you have brewing for your St. Patrick’s Day party! Visit Glynt at home and on social media and let us know what you think!


by Kailey Lewis

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