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Change up your marketing strategy and gear your focus towards being an event sponsor. Every type of business can benefit from the power of sponsorship, especially during a time when our economic state isn’t at its best. Here’s why you should be sending Glynt an email right now to be a sponsor at our next event:

Community Involvement

Here in YYC there is no better time to support the community than now. By providing support to local events, you are allowing your brand to show traits of generosity and solidarity. Start giving back to your community that holds your target audience.

Spotlight on your Target Audience

 Events tend to bring in a certain audience. Narrow down the events you would like to sponsor by finding out details of the guest who will be attending. Your ideal target audience will all be under one roof at key events; a perfect time to help increase brand awareness.

Brand Awareness

 As a sponsor you can drive brand awareness from the moment promotion starts until show-time. Your consumers will remember your brand better if they can associate it to a memorable event. Sponsorship is an ideal way to maintain brand awareness, as it helps to create a constant presence and enhances your credibility.

Credibility Enhancement

As you compete against your competitors being an event sponsor allows you to establish a trusting relationship with your target audience. It lets guests interact with your product first-hand, which helps to promote good relations with potential consumers. Teaming up with an event, communicates to your audience the value of your product and can be more powerful than media exposure.

Media Exposure

 All events use marketing efforts to help increase ticket sales. This can include advertising in magazines, newspapers, on social media platforms or radio and television commercials. The extra media exposure your business can gain as an event sponsor will help heighten visibility to your target audience.


By Cassandra Granata

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