Need a new event idea? Pop-Up Parties are on trend!

Pop-up sales have been gaining steam in recent years, especially for niche sellers and services. In Calgary business owners in industries ranging from boutique consignment stores to high end spa services have been jumping on the pop-up trend. So how can event planners put this trend to work for us? With some creativity and a thoughtful marketing strategy, hosting pop-up parties can be a really fun way to engage the community and create a memorable experience.

To make a pop-up party a success, careful planning and promotion of the event is a must!

Put your social media accounts to work in the weeks prior; far enough in advance to generate excitement but not too long that the target audience loses interest.  Think about creating teasers in different media; short videos for Periscope and Snap Chat, posters and fliers, a cryptic tweet campaign and Facebook posts. Plan a catchy hashtag that your audience can use across platforms to follow updates. This will be great for promoting your teasers, announcing special guests or performers.

Pulling off a great pop-up party means you’ll have to get creative with your imagery.

Creating an eye catching logo for the event is a great way to gain visual recognition and create awareness of what’s to come. Putting your logo on a page with a counter that counts down to the date of the event is a fun way to garner excitement in the community. Branding your event with an eye catching logo will come in handy for event day. Put up large banners with the logo in front of your pop-up party’s location, brand tickets with the logo, have event staff uniforms display the branding, you could even have merchandise or give-aways with the logo printed on it.

Location is key!

The most important thing to consider is where your party is going to pop-up! There are so many great locations in Calgary to host an event like this. Get creative with where you want the party to be! Pop-up in Prince’s Island Park, or in a funky alley space downtown. Pop-up in a side street that you’ve blocked off (with the proper permits) or on a rooftop bar on 17th Ave. Having a strong street presence is great for an event of this nature to garner interest and grab walk-ins.  Finally, get creative and have fun! Pop-up parties are a hot trend and with preparation and creativity, you can make your pop-up party a great success!

Let us know what you’d do to make your pop-up party perfect! Don’t forget to visit Glynt at home and on social media!


by Kailey Lewis

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