What the heck is a Periscope Party?

Periscope is an app for iOS that enables the user to live stream their surroundings. With access to Twitter’s social graph, Periscope users can post their streams on Twitter, tag Twitter users using their @name, and add hashtags. Other live streaming apps are available such as Meerkat and Livestream for Android devices. Having a Periscope party where guests live stream the action is a fun way to promote your events, your brand, and the experience you provide.

Live streaming is awesome for community engagement.

Periscope parties allow you to build exposure by capitalising on your guest’s social network. Live streaming increases community engagement as people who aren’t attendees can get involved in the online experience your Periscope party provides. They can watch, comment, share and repost videos to their own account, which can exponentially increase interest in communities locally and around the world. Identify Influencers on social media that can attend your event and boost your hashtag to their audience and expand your reach.

About last night…

The videos shot are available to stream for 24 hours on Periscope; you can also download them to your device. Having footage from your Periscope party is great to add to your website, to compile for your promo material, or to post to Instagram. Capitalize on FOMO; use clips next time you create a teaser video and your audience will see how fantastic your events are. Also, your guests will want to share your video content with their network if they are in the clips! User experience and Influencer marketing is definitely important to grow your reach online and translate that to ticket sales offline.

It’s Live!

Facebook launched Live in the fall for verified accounts to live stream on their pages from Facebook Mentions directly to their followers. This feature is only available to verified users right now but has great potential and will likely be expanded so the rest of us can get in on the fun! In the future, Facebook users could watch your events on their newsfeed, and kick themselves for missing out get excited for the next one! Live streaming on Facebook is slightly different than a Periscope party, since Periscope is user-generated content it’s more of a community experience.

Let us know how you have incorporated live streaming into your events, or about the Periscope party you’d plan! Check out Glynt at home, and on social media!


by Kailey Lewis 

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