Networking on the Net

An engaged online community is an important aspect of doing business in the digital age. However, not every entrepreneur is a social media savant. How can even the least online focused of us build an engaged online community? Check out these great tips for building and engaging with potential clients and brand ambassadors.

Why Invest in Online Community Building

Building an online presence requires a little skill, a little thought, and a lot of consistency. Sometimes it can be a struggle to find the time to maintain meaningful engagement online, especially for small businesses, but the benefits of doing so are great. Event Manager Blog, the renowned UK based resource for event managers advocates for professionals to utilize online communities to their fullest potential. There are many ways that an event planning professional can benefit from an engaging social media presence including pre-event buzz generating within the community, keeping in touch with and among guests post-event, and attracting the desired clientèle to your business.

Successful online communities also have benefits for the member. Event attendees can find out who will else will be attending your event, which makes attracting your desired clientele that much more important. Guests will frequently base their attendance on who the other attendees are and whether they think the event will benefit their network. If your event is networking based, this is especially important.  Engaging positively with your clientèle also benefits your business by creating an audience for your next event.

How can I get started?

Tendenci has a useful Social Media and Online Community Event Planning Checklist which can help create online marketing strategy geared toward meaningful engagement broken down by time frame. This tool is geared toward large events and conferences but the suggestions can be easily applied for a smaller business’ strategy. This article by Allan Hoffman, the Monster Tech Jobs Expert is full of important etiquette for online networking. It was written for job seekers but outlining best practices for online engagement is just as important for business owners.

In conclusion, honing an online community of engaged users can be time consuming task as meaningful engagement takes time to build. Business owners should still make the time to engage clientele and build an online community. What are some ways that you have found successful for engaging with your audience? We’d love to hear from you!

By Kailey Lewis

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