I am more than 100% positive most people see how much we are tied to our phones. We do our from banking our phones, text our bosses from our phones, google recipes and update all our social media platforms from our phones. We even trust our smart phones to take us from one place to another in the fastest and most efficient way possible, avoiding traffic and accidents.

Have you ever had someone say “let me know show you this picture” then hold the phone because they don’t want you looking through their other pictures? I am famous for this because I love cooking and the amount of “food porn” photos I have on my phone is rediculous (Yes I am that person).

Anyways, Ivan Cash decided he wanted to ask random strangers in popular but not so trendy neighborhoods in some pretty cool cities from around the globe to see the last photo taken on their phones. Why? Because he wanted an intimate experience and to see their stories told through the images on their phones. Most people update Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with an edited or filtered photo that they took time on, then decided if it was worthy enough for social media; Ivan wanted the raw experience.

Ivan spent two years travelling, seeking out random strangers asking them to trust in him and show him their last photo. Some were reluctant, others simply said no but what was so amazing was the amount of people he met that were so trusting and willing to open up and share their stories.

From a 16 year old showing Ivan her ultrasound photo in the streets of Chicago, or a man refusing to show a provocative photo of his conquest the night before, all are super intimate and in a way give you the feeling that we are all not that different. It was endearing to see the photo an elderly woman took of her husband’s grave site, and humorous to hear the story of the woman from Chicago who had to take her Guinea Pig back to the store because her daughter wasn’t taking care of it.

The result was a series of short films all called “Last Photo” revealing strangers deepest and most intimate images that were snapped without hesitation and thought, taking you through the emotional experience people go through day-to-day.

Would you share your last photo with a stranger?

Check out our fav city of the short films below.

To see all the videos click Here

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