Innovations for Event Planners

It’s no secret that at Glynt we love innovations for event planners. Incorporating tech into everyday business and using social media platforms to drive ticket sales or get event ideas are topics we’re passionate about. Check out what’s upcoming for innovations that will make event planning a breeze.

New Alliances

Bizzabo, the event software company, has partnered with Salesforce, Slack, and Mailchimp to create in integrated platform with huge potential. This software does it all; registration, ticket sales, web hosting, event apps, email marketing, and more from one interface. This is useful for event planners to see their real-time ROI and make smarter business decisions. The Meeting Pool and other blogs are buzzing about this integration since the press release last month.

New Methods

The massive store of data that Facebook collects for each user is an event planners best friend when targeting markets for events. Surkus, the “crowd casting” app, leverages this data to pin-point demographically perfect people for event planners. This makes marketing to the ideal attendee a breeze. Mitra Sorrells at writes:

“Event hosts use the system to indicate the number and type of guests they are looking for based on interests, demographics, or social media reach.”

The possibilities associated with this kind of fine-tuned marketing are great; not only does it save time and effort, the research is done for you since it’s using the amazing in depth data Facebook collects about its users.

New Products

We’ve discussed the possibilities for Facebook Live before to live stream your event to audiences right from your Facebook account. The feature has been expanded to Groups and Events, event planners can live stream the action straight from the event page! Users can also comment and use Live Reactions to give instant feedback. Fidji Simo, Product Management Director for Facebook had this to say:

“Live video on Facebook is truly interactive as broadcasters engage with their commenters and respond to their suggestions and questions. In fact, from initial data, we’ve seen that people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.”

There are lots of benefits to live streaming your events; it’s great for community engagement, accessing your guests’ social networks, and getting exposure for your brand. User-generated content gets lots of impressions and is a valuable way to grow your business online.

By Kailey Lewis


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