Influencer marketing is quickly gaining popularity among advertisers as the content has a more organic feeling than targeted ads. Influencers generally have a large social media following and can position brand recommendations as native marketing, rather than paid advertisements. Consumers often base purchasing decisions on recommendations from other consumers.

Why Try Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to leverage the social media following of someone who has built their reach over time. Positioning your brand next to people already trusted by your target market will extend that earned trust to you and increase your brand recognition. Another reason to get into influencer marketing is the relatively low cost. Since using influencers is an emerging marketing trend, the value is greater than the market price.

How Can I Use Influencers?

To identify the right Influencer to reach out to takes time and careful research. You want to be discerning of who you position your brand next to. Sites such as Klout can provide insights into who is getting good engagement. Identify and reach out to the blogger community in your area. You also need to consider what benefit collaborating with your brand will be to the person you’re making a pitch to. Being personable and clearly state what you’d like them to do and what you can offer. Who knows, maybe you will forge a long term mutually beneficial business arrangement with local Influencers.

Local Social Media Darlings

Calgary is a great city for Influencers. The nature of your business and promotional strategy will determine which audience will suit you best. Mike Morrison, founder of Mike’s Bloggity Blog is a popular local influencer who hosted the first SocialWest, a social media and digital marketing conference earlier this month. Date Night is a popular local blog that would make an awesome partner for local event planners and restaurateurs. Jay Palter, digital branding expert, compiled this extensive list of Influencers in Calgary. Check out his list as a great entry point to identifying Influencers that can build your brand.

By Kailey Lewis

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