We may not know much about football, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying every football lovers favourite day of the year. Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to throw a party and if you’ve found this blog post you must be ‘that’ friend who loves to party plan. So let me help you with sharing some key essentials that are needed to make your Super Bowl party Snapchat and Instagram worthy.

Step 1: Invite all your FRIENDS, especially the ones that know how to party on Super Bowl Sunday. Although be aware of the space in your living room, you want to make sure that there is enough room for everyone to see the TV comfortably. On top of that buy plastic cups and paper plates to avoid a big clean up afterwards. No one wants to do a big load of dishes late on a Sunday night.

Step 2: The only drink that should be served is BEER (or cider for some). Avoid those fancy cocktails and keep it simple with a fridge full of beer. Close to the TV be prepared with a bucket (or cooler) of ice stocked with beers, this way no one misses a second of the game. With about four hours to kill everyone will be tempted to enjoy some drinking games. Ask your hard core football fans to come up with some detailed rules (our contribution would be to drink every time you hear the announcer say Peyton Manning’s name).

Please drink responsibly. As the host, make sure all your friends know their options of enjoying Sunday Funday without drinking and driving.

Step 3: The most important aspect to Super Bowl parties is the FOOD. You can’t watch football on an empty stomach. Surround your table with key football food staples: chilli, sliders, chicken wings, pizza, really any kind of comfort food you can think of. Also don’t worry about slaving in the kitchen all day, I suggest that you make your Super Bowl party a potluck, the more food the merrier.

Finally keep it casual, as Super Bowl Sundays are like family gatherings. Everyone is cozy on the couch while enjoying good food, smooth drinks and live entrainment. With that being said be prepared for spills because we all have that one friend so have napkins on hand.

Now get planning!


By: Cassandra Granata 

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