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Planning a festival in YYC? Get helpful tips from the City of Calgary

Summer is heating up in Calgary which means festival season will soon be in full swing. For festival planners, preparation is the key to success. Check out these resources from the City of Calgary to help guide your festival event planning.

Cool festivals, near and far

Calgary’s festival calendar is always chock-full of fun and unique events. There is something for every interest; lovers of laughter, foodies, indie music enthusiasts, or farmers. Of course, Calgary is ubiquitous with the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”; the Stampede. These events will keep the streets of our city buzzing all summer with festival fun! The international success of Coachella, Tomorrowland, or Burning Man has increased interest in the festival life, and more people are travelling further distances to attend.

Event Planning Resources

If you are planning a festival in Calgary, the City of Calgary Recreation has put together a collection of resources for event planners. Download the guide that includes topics ranging from application processes and funding to emergency response plans. It also has the Event Opportunity form that you’ll need if your festival serves alcohol, has fireworks, or has tents or stages. The City Recreation offers other great resources, such as the Festival Policy, and process for booking a location.

Planning a festival is an ambitious undertaking for any event planner, but the reward is great. You can build your reputation, connections in the community, and clientele base by putting together a fantastic festival. Preparation is the key to success, and the City of Calgary offers many great resources for event planners to draw from.

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By Kailey Lewis

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