Five years ago Mandas daughter Alex travelled to Bonaire in the Caribbean for a pretty amazing scuba diving trip. On her team was this loud outspoken but hilarious man Mike. After getting to know each other a little more, Alex found out that Mike lived in this beautiful log home Alex’s mom always talked about in the back country of Eastern Ontario.

When Alex returned home she raved about this funny man she had met on her trip, telling her mom he was the man who lived in the log home she loved. Alex insisted her mom meet Mike but Manda, not taking her daughter seriously brushed it off for a while. When the two finally met months later there was an instant connection and from that moment on the two have spent their time merging their families together, buying Jersey their pug and travelling to some pretty spectacular places.

Mike surprised Manda on her 40th birthday with a trip to New York City; a place she had always wanted to go. They have travelled to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and even Alberta to visit Manda’s nieces. Mike has taken Manda on camping trips, fishing trips but nothing was more special then when he proposed on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

For a while they thought of having a big destination wedding but surprised everyone by getting hitched in Aruba in March of this year. Since there friends and family were unable to be apart of their special moment they decided to have a backyard ceremony to celebrate their union.

The party was in their beautiful secluded back yard. Hemlock trees surrounding the entire lot, manicured landscaping, flowers and shrubs surrounding the oak wood deck. Children were laughing and playing games in the pool while the adults enjoyed some delicious food and a variety of cocktails. The night ended with everyone gathered around the wood burning fire, laughing, dancing and really enjoying one another’s company.

Mike and Manda are such a beautiful couple blessed with a wonderful family. On behalf of the entire Glynt family, we wish the couple love and happiness for years to come and want to thank them for letting Glynt be apart of their special day.

Photographed by Damian McKinley

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