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Making money saving decisions is important in the current economic slowdown. One easy way to keep your costs low and pass on some savings to your clients is to put your tool belt on and DIY! Not only will you save money; DIY projects will make your event unique with a boutique atmosphere. Personalized touches are very memorable, and your custom DIY pieces will set you apart and encourage repeat business.

Here is a compilation of our favourite blogs for DIY ideas for your next event!

(in no particular order)

Tori Tait – Thoughtfully Simple

This blog has everything! Check out Tori Tait’s Thoughtfully Simple for DIY ideas for your next event. This massive collection has tonnes of resources for event planners on topics from menu and décor, to gift-ables and stationary, even marketing and networking. Tori also curates an amazing Pinterest with gorgeous boards for event planning inspiration!

Must Try DIY: Pretty gift labels and drink tags printed on simple Avery Labels, includes downloadable templates.

Liz King Events Blog – Techsy Talk

Techsy Talk is an impressive resource with tips for event planners to integrate tech into your business model. The resource includes ways to incorporate tech for DIY marketing strategy, event tech, and social media tips. Liz King has curated an incredibly vast and helpful resource to demystify technology and help businesses keep on top of tech trends.

Amazing podcast : Must listen – Ben Hindman of Splash talks marketing strategy.

Amber – Damask Love

Vibrant and fun, Amber’s amazing blog has tonnes of tutorials for DIY décor, stationary, and gift-able ideas that a spending savvy event planner can incorporate into a personalized party. Planners can get great tips for DIY event invitations, place markers, thank you gift and gift bags. The blog is chock full of gorgeous stationary and craft ideas.

Must Try DIY: Try making these adorable fabric stationary cards for personalised invitations, thank you notes, or any other pretty paper needs.


The contributors to Instructables, a massive collection of DIY projects, write on a range of topics like tech, to décor and food, even woodworking and crafts. Check out what this blog has to offer and get event décor ideas, menu tips, even costumes for themed parties.

Must Try DIY: Candy Vodka shots – pretty and fun for your next party, make your client’s favourite color or the décor theme colors for a custom cocktail experience.

What are some of your favourite DIY projects? Let us know at home or on social media!


By Kailey Lewis

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