What’s on the menu?

Whether you’re planning a large party or a small gathering, getting the menu right is of the utmost importance. This year, skip the go-to finger foods and try some of these hot culinary trends to set your taste apart from any event your guests have attended before.

Take Me to Hawaii

Pork has been gaining momentum in the past few years as many pork-focused restaurants popped up on the local scene. From Swine & Sow, Black Pig Bistro, to The Lake House restaurants specializing in the other white meat have menus for every budget. Spam has seen some shine lately due to the pork resurgence and the rise of Hawaiian style cuisine on the mainland.  This year International Food and Restaurant Consultants Baum & Whiteman have projected that everything Hawaiian will be on trend. Want a fresh take on Hawaiian cuisine to serve your guests? Think about serving poke; raw cubed ahi tuna usually served with seaweed and sesame. Craft Beer Market has a tasty poke offering on their appetizers menu.

Sweet Artisanal Treats

Artisanal ice cream is cool culinary trend. The popularity of Village Ice Cream is a testament to the small batch creamery craze. Nice Cream, southwest newcomers are creating artisanal ice cream one cone at a time, mixing each batch with liquid nitrogen on the spot. During the summer months, the Fiasco Gelato truck can be spotted around Calgary, serving up small handcrafted batches of their gelato and sorbetto, and their yummy gelato sandwiches. Your guests will love you if serve up any of these delicious artisanal desserts at your event.

To Top It Off

Specialty condiments are a culinary trend to watch for this year. Following the specialty oil and vinegar culinary trend that saw boutique seasoning shops pop up a few years back, condiments are getting major focus this year. Korean flavors for sauces like gochujang, the spicy, sweet, fermented paste made from chili peppers, rice, and soybeans is popping up on menus across the country. Try it on the Sashimi Salad at Anju. Other special sauce to watch for are Mozambican piri-piri pepper sauce and Thai style green and red curry pastes. Want to spice up your menu? Try a hot sauce and charcuterie pairing with wine or gochujang in these savory bibimbap tacos.

Be creative with your menu. Serve up these culinary trends at your next event and be the taste of the Town!

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by Kailey Lewis

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