Corporate Events get a Facelift

As companies are finding themselves with fewer resources to allocate to corporate events and outings, event planners for corporate clients are getting more resourceful with their strategies. Corporate clients still want to offer team building opportunities to their employees; try planning one of these high impact corporate events to satisfy your client’s needs and stay on budget.

Get Locked In

Locked room games are exercises in team work and problem solving. Your client will be trapped in a room with their team and must solve clues to escape. Companies are finding locked room games beneficial for team building so this may be a great idea for your next corporate event. Groups can hone their problem solving skills, realize new strengths, and gain an appreciation for working together. There are a number of places offering locked room games in Calgary. Escape 2gether, The Locked Room, and Breakout Calgary all offer locked room experiences. Some offer rooms with different themes so you can tailor the experience to the tastes of your client.

Lumberjack Training

Axe Throwing is gaining popularity in Calgary, as featured for Valentine’s Day by Date Night YYC. As a league or for an outing with friends, Calgarians love the awe throwing trend. It’s like darts, but with axes! Axe throwing is a great skill to have, fun for groups of friends or colleagues, and a good workout. You can try at Axe throwing Calgary or join a backyard league. Axe throwing is a fun activity for corporate outings; your client will love axe throwing as a memorable alternative to bowling for a corporate event.

Want to do something fun and unique for your clients? Try a new approach for your next corporate client with one of these new trends for corporate events.


By Kailey Lewis

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