This year, Glynt is excited to be hosting the first “Chef To Be” culinary Black Box competition coming to our city October 2015. The local food scene in Calgary is consistently growing and changing and there is no better way to help support these restaurants, enjoy delicious food then by purchasing a ticket to be a part of the excitement and show your support for the local food scene in YYC.

The Fine Food Stop; a local food distributer has teamed up with the SAIT Culinary School to put together this prestige competition. Calgary’s premier Chef’s along with a culinary apprentice from SAIT and their selected team of four will compete against one another to be named the next “Chef To Be” Culinary Champion.

Our local Culinary Competitors are River Café (Chef Andrew Winfield), Rouge Restaurant (Chef Jamie harling), Anju Restaurant (Chef Roy Oh), Post Hotel and Spa (Chef Hans Sauter), Avec (Dilan Draper) and Cannibale (Chef Jarod Traxel). Chef Karin Moulin from Hotel Arts will be providing the competition with delectable desserts for the audience to indulge in.

Teams will be provided with the finest ingredients chefs have access to in Calgary, all provided by The Fine Food Stop and its sponsors. Each restaurant will be given a completely different black box than their competitor, in order to showcase the variety of products offered. Each Black Box will consist of 4 different ingredients. Teams are required to use all 4 of the ingredients, along with ingredients from a limited pantry, to compose their dish. Each team will be allowed three (3) hours to cook a total of two (2) amuse bouche sized dishes using all selected ingredients.

The competition will have two different awards. A scholarship will be awarded to the best team, chosen by a panel of judges (SAIT Culinary instructors) and the second prize will be awarded by the attendees of the Chef to Be Event.

Glynt is so excited about this event because it will help raise awareness for the SAIT Culinary School as well as bring the local food scene in Calgary together. Hurry and get your tickets at Tickets are selling out quickly!

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