This past week Glynt Productions and talonX Creative Agency worked with The Commons Calgary to put together Barrel Night; a night where six of Calgary’s most prestige interior designers decorated over the top non- traditional Christmas trees that were auctioned off for the local charity Event Start.

Even Start is a local charity that gives children with development issues the tools they need to be successful. It was founded in 1996 by IIona Boyce who worked in social services for 15 years. At Event Start they believe that when children are fed, in good health, have access to education, live in homes that are safe, where parents are assisted in developing skills that allow them to generate a livable income, then children learn that they are valued and thus are free to realize their potential.

The event was hosted in the Savile Room which was decorated with string lights, elegantly lit Christmas Trees and candles that accented the red brick walls beautifully. Calgary’s young professionals, social lights and business seekers came together for a night of networking and fun while sipping on delicious barrelled aged cocktails.

We would like to thank everyone who came out and showed their support and a big thank you to Amanda Hamilton, Lush Interiors, Erynn Lyster and Natalie Fuglestveit for taking the time to create the unique Christmas Trees.

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Check out some of the pics from the evening here. 




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